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Regeneration: Helping the Body Heal Itself

According to scientists, the ancient herb formulas on which Sunrider is based work by strengthening the body's own responses.

The Chinese would explain that the herb formulas strengthen the Life Force. In Western terms, we would say: The body receives raw materials and transforms them into active chemicals, as it needs them. These food herbs give the body certain nutrients that meet the particular requirements of the organ or function that they serve. A formula designed to strengthen the heart's Life Force is, in fact, feeding the heart. The Chinese, through centuries, have developed formulas to feed virtually every body function.

Our Western drugs, in contrast, do not feed the systems. They operate, not as input to our chemical processes, but in place of them – or in opposition to them. For example, the drug insulin operates in place of the body's own insulin, making the body's insulin factory unnecessary. Because drugs take control from the body, we call them substitutes.

As substitutes, drugs may eventually cause the very condition that they are supposed to remedy. The body rises to meet challenges placed against it, and declines when challenges are removed. The drug insulin, by making unnecessary the body's already weak insulin factory, causes that factory to decline even further.

Substitutes do have value, however, and can save lives in emergencies. However, long-term substitution is not the path to health. The Philosophy of Regeneration is the path to health.

Shift from a “Disease” Focus to a "Health" Focus

When it comes to the Philosophy of Regeneration, we in the West have been passing through what amounts to the Dark Ages. Because we've underestimated the body's own healing power, we haven't studied ways to strengthen it. We've only tried to replace it, and then when it resisted, we tried to overcome it. Unfortunately, many of these efforts have led to illnesses and deaths caused by the treatments themselves.

Chinese food herb formulas are available today in concentrated form. In using the Philosophy of Regeneration, you must shift from the “disease” point of view – where we seek an external cure to a specific disease – to the principle of health – where you seek to strengthen your body, noting the symptoms only as signs of possible weakness. The Chinese herb food formulas cure nothing. The body alone heals, spontaneously and naturally. The goal is to support your body with wholesome, system-specific nutritional formulas.

Focus on Regeneration

When asked to compare Sunrider to another company with an herb-based line, we can only respond, “You can't compare apples and oranges!”

Our health-care system is based on the principle of substitution, which has been studied for less than 100 years. In contrast, the Chinese began studying food herbs 5000 years ago. Here's what they've arrived at:

Among the tens of thousands of plants, there are many that they believe regenerate specific systems and organs of the body. For example, we believe that “carrots are good for the eyes.” The Chinese have extended this idea a thousand-fold by believing there are plants that regenerate the health of the skin, heart, lungs, digestive system, and so on.

Sunrider has been established upon the solid foundation of this philosophy. The Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration is the belief that Dr. Chen has dedicated his company and his life's study to. This philosophy is clearly represented within each balanced, concentrated Sunrider herb food formula.

But there are also plants that they believe do not regenerate health. The Chinese distinguish herbs that are considered to regenerate health from herbs that merely substitute for body functions – calling the first food herbs and the second medicinal herbs. In that sense, typical American herbalism and drug-based medicinal philosophy are brothers, based on the same substitute philosophy, although medicinal herbs at least have the advantage of wholeness.

Are we saying that medicinal herbs and the companies that produce them are bad or wrong? They have their place. Different plants have different purposes. Medicinal herbs are to be used in crisis situations when the body is unable to function on its own. Those plants thought of as regenerative are to be utilized by the body to create regenerative, vibrant health. The effective health professional utilizes a balance of both philosophies.

But most of us are not health professionals. We do not know how to use medicinal herbs, and we certainly don't want to play around with drugs. This is why Sunrider is such an important health company, and its philosophy is such a breakthrough. All of Sunrider's food products are based on a solid foundation of carefully blended food-grade herbs, much like you'd blend many different fruits and vegetables for a healthy salad. Sunrider herb foods are safe and nutritious.

And what about those other herb companies? While their products may not necessarily be bad in the right hands, representing medicinal herbs as daily food supplements does not reflect their true “crisis management” purpose. Some companies may do this in complete innocence, unaware that they are encouraging people to take medicinal herbs every day when their body is not in crisis. This can cause greater health imbalances! It is up to those who understand the big picture of the Philosophy of Regeneration to teach others about the very real differences between food and medicinal herbs.

There is only one company that understands and teaches the Philosophy of Regeneration and herb food nourishment: Tei-Fu Chen's Sunrider International.