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5000 years of systematic, theory-driven research led to the Chinese science of using foods to heal, and to the time-proven Principle of Regeneration:

Given the right foods, the body will heal itself.

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Sunrider formulas are food herbs. Unlike “medicinal herbs” that function like drugs, Sunrider's “food herbs” feed the body at the cellular level, nourish the body, and strengthen it.

Sunrider's focus is to help us eat right, rather than quick fixes for dietary weaknesses. Their food herb formulas are concentrated Chinese fruits and vegetables precisely formulated to nourish the body's natural ability to heal. Chinese experts found that certain combinations of herbs enhance each other and make a much more beneficial formulation than individual herbs. So Sunrider herb foods are herb combinations, formulated for maximum effectiveness.

 Sunrider ApproachOther Approaches 

Focus on restoring and maintaining good health, rather than on diseases and cures.

Focus on diseases, cures, and controlling specific symptoms.

Goal is to give the body the right foods so it can heal and regulate itself - “the Philosophy of Regeneration.” Goal is to artificially control or manipulate body function with drugs and isolated chemicals.
Balanced formulas feed each major body system, encouraging overall balance and health. Isolated chemicals force changes in the body, often causing imbalances (side effects) and dependence.
Products contain all the original nutrition and synergism of the original whole foods, in concentrated form.   Chemicals are isolated and may not be recognized by the body. Herbs are simply ground up, including the indigestibles.
Organic, chemical-free, preservative-free, additive-free, never radiated, vegetarian, vegan, and certified kosher. Varies. Can contain impurities; hidden or dangerous ingredients; are radiated and fumigated; or come from genetically engineered or substandard sources.
Manufactured under strict quality-control measures, using painstaking methods, in Sunrider's own facilities. Quality control unknown, sporadic, or lacking.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Guarantees? Varies by supplier.

Sunrider – World Leader in Healing with Food Herbs

The Chinese are way ahead of us in studying the healing effects of foods. Sunrider is the largest concentrated herb food producer in the world – and is the #1 herb food company in Taiwan, the motherland
of the herb food industry. The reason? There are tens of thousands of herbal formulas and herbs available in China, but it takes an herbal master like Sunrider's Dr. Tei-Fu Chen with a thorough knowledge of body biochemistry to sift through it all. Dr. Chen has blended the extensive knowledge and wisdom of ancient texts together with modern technology to create precise food formulas.

Health Opportunity and Business Opportunity

Sunrider has made a dramatic difference in my life and the lives of others I know, creating a healthy and happy lifestyle. I'm sure that you'll find Sunrider products so high quality and trustworthy that you'll be telling your friends and family. And before you know it, you'll be earning money back from Sunrider!

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Based on ancient formulas & philosophies that work – exclusive, effective, natural, concentrated, manufactured to exacting standards, premium quality - satisfaction guaranteed.

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Manufactures over 415 award-winning natural health , beauty, and household products. Powered by Dr. Chen's expertise and good will, Sunrider is successful and financially solid, with the highest operating standards and unparalleled benefits.